Yoga for ALL Levels

GENTLE YOGA – No experience needed for this offering. Lots of demonstration and cueing for the poses. Learn and practice at your pace. Class recommended for beginners and seasoned yogis looking to experience a gentle class.

GENTLE/MODERATE YOGA – Postures will offer the option to be gentle or move into a more moderate pose. Longer holds and arm strength introduced. You will find many options for several poses in each class. You decide what level the class will be for you. Each body arriving perfectly.

YOGA AND MEDITATION – Very gentle yoga. We stay close to the mat for most of the 45 minutes of asanas (poses). Finishing our time with guided meditation. Meditation can be used to focus the mind, channel energy and deepen your yoga practice.

A gentle Yoga class in session
Photo of woman sitting using a Yoga prop to stretch

Private Yoga Sessions

Specifically tailored to the student. Before our first session we will discuss what you are seeking to learn. This can be yoga for stress relief, physical strength, flexibility, spiritual growth or a deeper practice. At the studio or your home. A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended.

If travel is over 15 miles an additional travel fee may be added.

Please contact Kathy or call 585-509-5372 for scheduling or any questions.

Special Events

Peace of Mind Yoga likes to offer a special event each month. Pricing and event descriptions will be listed on line and sent out in my seasonal newsletters.

Yoga for 1st Responders

This is a 2½ hour course specifically designed for 1st responders. Educational instruction is given on the practice of yoga, our nervous system response to stress, use of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga for stress relief, management and recovery. After the lecture you will be guided through a one hour hatha yoga class. The remainder of the time will be with pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Yoga is a proven practice that benefits physical, mental and spiritual health. Allow me to show you how.

Classes are held at your workplace. This allows for larger groups and shows that yoga does not need to be in a studio.

Your instructor Kathy has been a Monroe County Deputy Sheriff in the Jail Bureau for 25+ years. She knows firsthand the benefits of yoga. Her passion for her career in law enforcement and yoga have been combined into a class that can offer healing and renewal for anyone who wishes to receive it.

Please contact Kathy or call 585-509-5372 for more information on pricing and availability.

Photo of 1st Responder practicing Yoga in class

Deeply Restorative Yoga

2.25 hours

Deeply restorative yoga is a unique experience.  The body is offered specific poses to assist in restoring and allowing rest for the body, mind and Self.  You will be guided and positioned using props, bolsters, and blankets to allow the body to be completely supported.  Guided meditation, essential oils, poetry, hands on assists all come together in this offering for a complete experience.  If you are looking to rest, destress, pamper yourself then this is the class for you.  Please pre-register.  Space is very limited.

Restorative Yoga Bolsters and Blankets


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